For the second Daimler AG plant at the Kecskemét site in Hungary, the C-P-S Group was commissioned to plan the materials handling technology for the press shop, body shop and assembly technologies as well as to plan the new central store with connecting conveyor technology. The project is now halfway through. We take stock.

At the end of 2017, the C-P-S Group was awarded the contract for the planning of the interior design of the new halls in the works contract. The client is an Austrian architecture firm from Vienna, which needs our know-how in materials handling technology to take over the general planning for Daimler. The aim of the project is the planning of the plant extension with new halls for press shop, bodyshell, connecting conveyor technology & central body storage and assembly. The project was subdivided into the milestones of basic determination, preliminary / conceptual planning, variant planning, specifications and tender documents. Optionally, the C-P-S Group will continue to support the project until 2021, whereby we are increasingly focusing on setting up local employees in Hungary.

According to Manager Magazin (6.6.18), Kecskemét II will be the first so-called “Full-Flex” factory, where various Mercedes-Benz models with different drive types can be produced on one belt. C-P-S has been planning the development of the 2020 target image in Sindelfingen since 2016 in a wide range of conveyor technology technologies at Daimler AG. In part, these successfully implemented plans are currently being implemented. Here, too, the C-P-S Group takes over the implementation support.

Following the example of the “Factory 56” currently being built in Sindelfingen, the Hungarian factory is to be completely digitized and networked. Another special feature of the C-P-S is that in addition to the mechanics, the complete control technology is also designed by our experts.

From 2020, gasoline-powered compact cars and electric sedans will be produced flexibly on a single conveyor belt.

We look forward to another exciting project!