The C-P-S Group has the ability to draw upon the knowledge of our experts from various competency centers in order to tackle the multifaceted challenges of our clients. The best example of this is our warehouse planning projects. The CoC Material Flow Planning is responsible for capacity calculation in the initial draft phase, while the CoC Installation Planning then takes the lead in the detailed planning stage and during the bidding negotiations. Similarly in packaging planning, our experts in the CoC Production Equipment Design draw up container designs using CAD for our clients.



Plant Engineering

Plant engineering is one part of the comprehensive portfolio of the C-P-S Group. Our consulting and planning services focus particularly on the production and manufacturing structures of a factory. Furthermore, we specialize in logistical processes of factories and help plan sustainable optimizations of these projects. We can oversee the complete planning of your warehouse, from the idea phase to the realization phase of the project.

Our consultants support you through the whole process, from the planning stage until the realization phase. This includes analyzing its potential, creating the concept, comparing alternatives, formulating drafts and commissioning. Furthermore, we create technical concept and specification documents; we oversee budgeting; we evaluate and compare potential alternatives; and take an active role in project management and project steering. We provide these services right up to and including the optimization stage, where potential complications in the process are identified and resolved.

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C-P-S Logistikplanung


Logistics Planning

Over the years the C-P-S Group has established a comprehensive planning portfolio in the field of logistics. We have specialized ourselves in planning up until series begin, as well as well as carrying out optimizations post series begin.

At the pre-series stage our portfolio includes supply chain planning, plant logistics and packaging planning.

Our consultants in these areas are able to provide you with comprehensive advice and plans for your new project launches. In addition to our technical expertise, we have the necessary experience in the planning of complex projects to ensure that the start phase of your new project is completed without any problems.

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C-P-S Produktionsplanung


Production Planning

In the field of production planning the C-P-S Group is your partner for the setting up of new manufacturing processes and structures, as well as the relocation of production units. Furthermore, the C-P-S Group has extensive experience in process optimization during series production.

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