Plant Engineering

Plant engineering is one part of the comprehensive portfolios of the C-P-S Group. Our consulting and planning services focus particularly on the production and manufacturing structures of a factory. Furthermore, we specialize in logistical processes of factories and help plan sustainable optimizations.

Our consultants guide you through the various steps of planning a warehouse, including calculating its potential, creating the concept, comparing alternatives, formulating drafts and commissioning and realizing of the project. Furthermore, we create technical concept and specification documents; we oversee budgeting; we evaluate and compare offers; and take an active role in project management and project steering. We provide these services right up to and including the optimization stage, where potential complications in the process are identified and resolved.


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CoC-Lead Plant Engineering

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C-P-S - Matthäus von Esterházy

Matthäus von Esterházy

Leopoldstr. 254
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Telefon: +49 (0) 89 928790-35
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Detailed List of Services

  • Plant structure engineering with the development of both ideal concepts and possible alternatives
  • Transport and Infrastructure Planning for the Plant Site
  • Building Services Engineering (TGA) for the Plant Site and Plant Halls
  • Human Resource Planning and Analysis
  • The conceptualisation of production areas (eg press shop, body shop, paint shop, assembly) as well as the logistical and social areas
  • Storage Systems and Order Picking
  • Support in Plant Construction, Plant Realisation and Commisioning
  • Project Management Including Project Steering

Our Reference Projects

  • C-P-S - Kompetenzfelder - Plant
  • C-P-S - Kompetenzfelder - Plant
  • C-P-S - Kompetenzfelder - Plant
  • C-P-S - Kompetenzfelder - Plant

Plant Engineering