The C-P-S Group lives from projects worldwide – whether in other European countries, in the USA or in China. It is not always possible for us to close the gaps with local colleagues, especially when creating new topics. Therefore, a few years ago, we created the framework conditions for a professional posting to our foreign branches. We are thus able to react quickly and flexibly to customer requests worldwide.

In this way, the C-P-S is not only attractive to our customers. In particular, our employees have the opportunity to supplement important building blocks of their careers by gaining experience abroad and learning further foreign language skills.

As soon as a member of staff has decided to send you, he or she will be best prepared by exchanging information with ex-expats and country guidelines. If the colleagues are then abroad, we always have a caregiver who can answer all personal questions such as: on the subject of housing, bank account etc. supported. In addition, the caregiver will also strive for social integration into local teams. Because abroad, often more private activity takes place after work or on the weekend, as is the case in the usual environment at home. We as C-P-S also actively promote this by regularly supporting the organization of excursions or team events.

Termination periods are always at least six months. Under the secondment agreement, the terms of renewals or reductions are specified in advance. Furthermore, we also attach great importance to the reintegration after the return.

Where do we currently need support abroad?

Even as an applicant there is the possibility to be sent directly after joining us abroad. At you’ll find our current needs in Hungary, the Czech Republic, the US and China , Just try it and if everything goes well, you can also say, “I’ll go away then …”