Already on the 16th April 2018 we were able to visit the HS Ulm again. This time, the students were waiting here for two different courses of study: The “industrial engineers / logistics” of the fourth semester had this time the students for “production technology and organization” of the seventh semester connected to reach a group size of 45 people. Our talk about container development attracted a great deal of attention, which was certainly due to the distributed C-P-S university snack bags. In addition, the professors were also positively impressed by the lecture: “Bringing the application tasks from the economy to the university is important to us. Only in this way can the students see a meaningful implementation of the scholar here, “says Professor Klaus-Peter Franke from the Faculty of Production Engineering and Production Management. “However, it is almost as important to see that after studying, there are also exciting and varied tasks waiting for you,” adds Professor Norbert Bartneck with regard to the case studies in the lecture. Afterwards the students informed themselves about possibilities for an internship or bachelor thesis at the C-P-S.

On April 23, 2018, the C-P-S was also able to hold another presentation on container planning at the University of Munich with organization of the Aktivitas (Association of Students of the Study Program Paper and Packaging Technology at the University of Applied Sciences Munich). These were about 15 participants. Although the lecture did not start until 6:00 pm, the students were very interested and attentively answered the questions that Harald Busch occasionally asked. Afterwards there was the possibility to exchange ideas with the students about food and drink at the Italian and to talk about the entry possibilities and main topics. Here, the students were also very interested and annoyed Annika Breinfalk and Harald Busch with many questions.

All in all, it is clear to us: With such good feedback, the next lecture can be prepared even better so that it can give lectures in the winter semester. ­čÖé