The Stuttgart C-P-S summer party on 02.07.2018 started directly with a rather involuntary scavenger hunt to the finish location. The goal was the “XXL Schnitzelparadies” Uncle Otto, which is located above Stuttgart-Wangen. The location is secluded and surrounded by countless allotments. Depending on the navigation system used, the destination address was found directly, but the proposed routes did not necessarily prove to be directly effective in all cases. So some colleagues first landed in a dead end at the top of the mountain and had to drive several kilometers detour, before they finally approached the XXL-Schnitzel. Numerous colleagues had already arrived in the horticulture sector.

Summery pleasant temperatures and refreshing drinks were the Stuttgart colleagues in merry round together. The real challenge of the evening was to win the fight against the two Giant Schnitzel. A good strategy was to concentrate on the schnitzel and just leave the side dishes. Even better advice was, who decided directly for the Seniorenportion (= only 1 Riesenschnitzel).

It was a lot of fun! At the latest for the Christmas party we see each other again in full. We wish all colleagues a nice summer!