Hello everybody,

The preparations for the move to Leopoldstrasse are in full swing in Munich and the colleagues are already looking forward to the new premises. The construction companies, electricians and IT’ler have until the beginning of September still a proper final spurt in front of him, but you can already see how the whole thing takes shape.

The new rooms:

  • will finally make customers and applicants look as modern and dynamic as we are 😉
  • offer more space than at Arabellapark
  • provide easy accessibility to our customers and a great view of the Olympic Tower and the BMW four-cylinder
  • have air conditioners and new kitchens with appliances such as water bubblers
  • are equipped with electrically height-adjustable tables
  • have much faster Internet than before

Above all, the new office will be safety certified according to all the rules of the art (TISAX compliant with special rules for servers, doors, walls, access control with different zones, …) so that we can future-proof contracts of all sizes for our customers!

With this in mind, we already wish our colleagues on the ground a good move in the second week of September and many successful and exciting projects in this pleasant and productive new environment.