We are pleased to have laid the foundation for further university cooperation with our first lecture at the Hochschule der Medien (HdM) on 11.12.2019.

After the first contact with the former Professor Ursula Probst of our two colleagues Nandor and Steffen was made by the HdM in the middle of the year, it was finally time. As part of the university’s “i-pack Forum”, Nandor and Steffen presented the C-P-S Group as an attractive employer in a 1.5-hour presentation, as well as container planning from the perspective of an external consulting service provider in the automotive industry.

Even before the lecture started, the students showed great interest in the packaging patterns they had brought and the ice was broken. In the first step, the students were introduced to the basics of packaging and container planning in the automotive industry. Based on the basics, the four phases of container planning were explained. The first questions came from the students and Professor Probst at the concept / design / pattern / series phases. (She likes to ask questions in her exams about lectures of the i-pack)

In the end, the students got deeper insights into the practice of a charge carrier planner through two case studies. The evening was rounded off with an approximately one-hour question and answer session in a cozy atmosphere with drinks and sandwiches.

Conclusion of the first lecture at the HdM: the students, as well as the professor, the topic, which is rather less treated in the degree program, very much, our speaker has the pleasant and relaxed atmosphere made you want more lectures and, finally, we are sure one or the other determined to see us again for an internship, working student / thesis or even as a new colleague. In addition, Ms. Probst showed great interest in our planning game on container planning, where of course we stay on the ball.